You don't have to feel like the best is behind you.

You don’t have to tolerate feeling exhausted and moody, irritable and scattered.

You don’t need to struggle with hot flashes, weight gain, low libido or feeling like your body is just breaking down.

You can have fulfilling relationships, financial security and live a life of deep purpose, inner peace and joy!

Your 40’s, 50’s (and beyond) can be challenging as we face a slew of hormone driven physical, emotional and spiritual imbalances.

What is commonly known as a “midlife crisis” is actually an incredible invitation, usually spurred on by our hormones, to:

 Go deep inside yourself to uncover who you really are and learn to honor your desires and needs

 Transform what no longer suits you or feel authentic

 Create a life that is full of joy, zest for living, vibrant health, meaningful purpose, financial abundance and fulfilling relationships!

Yes, it’s absolutely possible and doable! 

All you need are the tools, wisdom and inspiration to make it happen!

When you upgrade to the ALL-ACCESS PASS, you’ll get to access not only to all the summit interviews... 

But also to 51 BONUS DEEP-DIVE SESSIONS with all the experts!
That’s where I go even deeper with the experts to get you even more tools and inspiration so you can experience vibrant health, fulfilling relationships, a true sense of purpose and feel and look your best each and every day!

A private session with any one of these experts costs anywhere from $250 to $2,000… and many of the experts on this summit don’t even offer private sessions…

YET FOR JUST $150, YOU WILL GET ACCESS TO 50 WORLD-RENOWNED EXPERTS - transformational leaders, doctors, naturopaths, best-selling authors, coaches and healers - WHO WILL HELP YOU:

 Transform your mindset so you can feel positive, inspired and peaceful as you create your life from abundant possibility rather than fear, anxiety and lack

 Attract new loving relationships or renegotiate existing relationships so they are fulfilling, even if you’re spending more time together than ever before

 Navigate your financial challenges and use your unique money personality to create more financial freedom

 Balance your hormones naturally through dietary and lifestyle changes as well as with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy so you can feel your best in body, mind and spirit

 Boost your immune system and feel healthy, vibrant and sexy again

 Uncover your life purpose so you can make the impact you want to make

 Love yourself, increase your happiness set-point, no matter what is happening around you, and manifest all that you want in your life

 And so much more!





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Here's What Past Summit Participants Have Said:

"This Summit has been one of the most insightful things I have ever participated in - a concentrated event of feminine wisdom! have learnt more in this summit than in the previous 41 years of my life. I hope you can keep this page stored somewhere so that we can access all these wise women’s websites, Facebook Pages etc. At any time, as well as the Free Gifts Page, which I haven’t had the time to access yet but I’m definitely going to in the next few days. Thank you so much for all the effort you put into creating this wonderful summit for women."

- Evangelina Dimitrakaki

"This summit is exactly what I was looking for. I’m in my mid 40’s and have been feeling the changes of mid-life and perimenopause. I had been starting to feel the “midlife crisis” feeling that you hear about when you’re younger. Thinking that will never happen to me. Well, guess what? it happens to everyone. With the support of Natalie and the women involved in this summit I’ve been realizing the gifts of midlife and that this transformation can be a crisis or it can be a time to welcome in more awareness and more consciousness of how amazing it is to be a woman owning this time of her life where she is truly ripening into her greatest potential. All the women involved in this summit have so much wisdom to offer and they offer it so lovingly and supportively. I am ready to make my midlife extraordinary!"

- Rene C.

"The knowledge we’re gaining is priceless! Thank you for all the great/interesting information. The tips are amazing. Life truly begins after 40. All the talks by the guests are testimonial to that. This event is so filled with wisdom, calming advice, humor and life stories that we can relate to. Such wonderful, amazing women – thank you for the opportunity to be part of this event!"

- Sonia Yarmuch

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A portion of all summit proceeds will be donated to Women for Women International helping women survivors of war and conflict rebuild their lives.

Women for Women International provides survivors of war and conflict with social and economic skills to transform their own lives. Women pass their knowledge to those around them, creating a more just world—a world where every woman’s voice, role, and contribution are visible and valued.

Our goal is to raise money in support of these women--
and a more just world.

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The Ageless Woman Summit covers cutting-edge tools and wisdom you won’t find anywhere else!

Here's What Past Summit Participants Have Said:

"This summit was amazing and so deeply inspiring. I learnt every day. I purchased the VIP package because I found it so meaningful. It made me feel less alone in the world and part of a brave new world of women, wanting to live our best lives beyond 40, 50, 60, 70 or 80 because we are ageless timeless women of courage! I loved it. What a gift you are to the world Natalie Matushenko!"

- Bettina, Norway

"This summit was something I have needed for a long time. I do so much studying and research of health and this perimenopause and menopause have really been difficult to find a lot of info. No one wants to talk about that age of "drying up and becoming useless." I loved how these speakers spoke of our 40s and beyond as such a beautiful and fulfilling time of our lives if we just have the right support. I've learned so much and have many changes I plan to make in my lifestyle and health but also I feel like I'm not so afraid of this time of my life. I want to be as vibrant and alive as the beautiful women on this summit are!!

- Rene C.

"I absolutely loved the wealth of information we received from this amazing summit of expertise. I truly found it so uplifting, inspiring and now ready to improve my journey of healing and to be the best possible me.The extra benefit taking the VIP package; I can listen to it as much as I want and loved the bonus gifts too. Thanks immensely! ❤️"

- Debra Sands, Australia

These 50 Top Experts Will Share Tools, Tips & Wisdom with You:

Marisa Peer

How to Be Physically, Mentally and Emotionally Younger at Any Age

Claire Zammit

The Feminine Power Keys to Creating the Life of Your Dreams (at any age!)

Dr. Sue Morter

Energy Medicine & Quantum Healing with The Energy Codes

Marci Shimoff

How to Be Happy For No Reason

Dr. Anna Cabeca

The Girlfriend Doctor Answers Your Questions About Hormones

JJ Virgin

Why Food Intolerance Is the Real Cause of Weight Gain

Marie Diamond

Manifesting Agelessness

Carol Tuttle

Look Gorgeous Dressing for Your Energy Type

Lynne Twist

The Soul of Money: Transforming Your Relationship with Money & Life

Dr. Lindsey Elmore

Signs of Metabolic Disease That's Ruining Your Health

Dr. Alan Christianson

The Secret to Thyroid Symptoms

Michelle Marchant Johnson

3 Love Blockers (Keeping Your Right Man Away)!

Deborah Murtagh

Health First, Weight Second

Afif Ghannoum

Funghi May Be the Hidden Enemy In Your Gut

Natalie Matushenko

Creating Wealth with Your Unique Money Personality

Stephanie Estima

A Geeky Goddess' Guide For Balanced Hormones

Shelly Lefkoe

Eliminate the Beliefs That Age You

Christy Whitman

Manifesting Your Desires

Debra Poneman

Start Early to be Radiant in Your 60's

Susan Bratton

Ageless Sexual Pleasure

Debra Atkinson

The Best Way to Exercise at Midlife and Beyond (it's not what you think!)

Dr. Diana Kirschner

The Single Most Important Thing You Can Do to Create Lasting Passionate Love!

Dr. Keesha Ewers

Trauma, Aging and Disease

Dr. Nasha Winters

Cancer as a Messenger

Robin Nielsen

Hormone Hell to Hormone Harmony in 15 Simple Steps...

Stacey Martino

How to Transform Your Relationship...Even if Your Partner Refuses to Change.

Sedena Cappannelli

Ageless Living in a Brave New World

Maria Claps & Kristin Johnson

Get Your Hormones Under Control to Finally Feel Great

Dr. Erin Fall Haskell

From Trauma to Purpose

Trina Felber

How to Have Luminous Skin at Any Age

Nikka Karli

Reclaiming Your Sovereign Wild

Lucia Giovannini

Staying Centered In Chaotic Times

Sheree Clark

It Takes Guts to Live the Second Half of Your Life for You

Anat Baniel

Supercharge Your Brain and Life with NeuroMovement®

Dr. Debi Silber

How to Heal From Betrayal

Priya Lakhi

The Spiritual Way to Physical Immunity and Health

Dr. Nancy Lonsdorf

The Healthy Brain Solution for Women- When, Why and How?

Misa Hopkins

Using Women’s Emotional Wisdom to Heal

Dr. Brianne Grogan

Pelvic Floor Strength Beyond Kegels!

Dr. Judy Gianni

Attaining a Healthy Weight with Intermittent Fasting

Minke de Vos

Tao Tantric Arts for Rejuvenation and Longevity

Sandy Sembler

Feel to Heal

Laurie Handlers

Aging & Sex: Am I Still Desirable?

Elle Russ

Solutions for Thyroid Health & Confidence

Monica Hershaft

Treat the Source™, Not the Symptom

Holly Bertone

How Gratitude Builds Fortitude During the Storms of Life

Dr. Kyrin Dunston

Bio-identical Hormone Therapy Explained + Sleep

Tanya Dyer, Esq.

7 Surprising Answers to the HARDEST Questions in Your Struggling Marriage

Dr. Shawn Tassone

The REAL Truth About Hormones

Trina Felber

Stop Sterilizing Your Mouth... It's Killing You

Laura DiBenedetto

You’re Standing in the Way of Your Happiness

Natalie Matushenko

Live with Passion & Purpose for Agelessness

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MEET YOUR HOST, Natalie Matushenko, PCC, CPCC

Hi, I'm Natalie! I’m the founder of Ageless Woman, a company dedicated to helping women of all ages live with optimal health, personal power, purpose and vibrancy.

I'm  a multi-cultural leadership coach, Ivy League University graduate, #1 Amazon bestselling co-author, and creator of three global summits, Since 2001, I’ve helped tens of thousands of soulful women from 51 countries create vibrant health, look and feel their best and  live with vibrancy, purpose and zest.

I've healed from all kinds of trauma, left a high-flying but soul deadening career in international finance to follow my version of success, and in my forties, moved my family of five to South America to enjoy a more relaxed pace of life and non-stop travel and adventure!

I’ve lived in five countries and have traveled extensively to over 60 countries, studying with shamans and healers all over the world.

My purpose and absolute passion is to change the global conversation of what it means to be a vibrant, confident, healthy and wise woman in your 40’s, 50’s and beyond.


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