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If you’re having an issue with the event:

We appreciate your patience! We’re here to help, but we’re also a very small team and support can be overwhelming when tens of thousands are attending an online event. It may take us up to 3 business days to get back to you.

Before opening a ticket, please review the Frequently Asked Questions.

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I placed my order, but have not received a confirmation email with information about how to access my purchase. Is there a delay?

Sorry about that! Our system automatically generates a confirmation email and immediately sends it. There are a few common issues:

◉ You use Gmail and the email has landed in your ‘Promotions’ tab.
◉ The email somehow landed in your Junk or Spam folder.
◉ Your order was placed through PayPal. If your PayPal account is associated with a different email address, you’ll likely find it in that inbox.
◉ You’ve marked one of our emails as Spam. When this happens, our system is forbidden from sending any email communications to you. No hard feelings!

If you are still unable to find your confirmation email, please use the form below to get in touch.

I accidentally clicked the “Add to Cart” button on the order form multiple times and was charged for
multiple orders. May I have the extra orders refunded?

Yes, just go ahead and fill out the form below and we’ll take care of it right away. Be sure to enter your full name and the email address you used when you purchased so we can find your order. Thanks!

I entered my username and password for my membership account and was unable to log in.
What’s the deal?

Not to single out anybody, but 95% of the time this is a user error. Here’s what typically happens:
◉ Your username (email address) has been mistyped.
◉ You copied and pasted your username or password from the confirmation email, but accidentally included an extra space when you highlighted the text. Try manually entering your login info.
◉ Sometimes the number zero (0) can look like the letter “O”. Yes, this happens!
◉ You’ve marked one of our emails as Spam. When this happens, our system is forbidden from sending any email communications to you.

I missed one of the sessions before the 24-hour viewing period ended. Is there any way I can still see it?

Sorry you missed it! Unfortunately, we must stick to our viewing schedule. A great way to see any missed presentations is to purchase access to all of them for online watching or downloading. Click here to learn about Upgrading to the Summit All-Access Pass.

Help! I can’t get the videos to play or they are skipping/playing slowly.

There are many possible reasons for this issue:

◉ The main cause is your internet connection speed. High-speed internet is a must for viewing streaming videos. We recommend a connection speed of no less than 10 Mbs. Most cable and DSL providers offer this as their base minimum. Satellite internet, though considered high speed, generally will skip and pause due to the time it takes for the data to travel to space and back to your computer. You can test your internet connection speed for free at

◉ Another main cause is the speed of your computer. Computers less than 3 years old (and connected to high-speed internet) should stream the presentations without issue.

◉ In some instances, your computer could have a virus or malware/adware that will slow it down and cause playback issues. Try scanning your system with a program like spybot search and destroy (it’s free, just google it) to fix these kinds of issues.

◉ The last frequent cause is the browser you are using. We recommend the latest version of Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari. Internet Explorer will work, but must be version 9 or higher. Version 8 and older have known issues with streaming video and are not supported.

If none of these options help to resolve your issues, please fill out a support ticket below and include as much detail as you can, including answers to the following questions, we will ask for this information. We will do our best to help you out.

◉ Are you getting an error message or are the videos just not playing when you click the play button?
◉ What browser are you using?
◉ What version of that browser?
◉ Go to and run a test, what speed does it say you have for download?
◉ Alternately, run the speed test below. Copy your results and make sure to include them if you open up a support ticket.


This support system is intended to address technical issues and concerns for the summit event itself. If you have questions about specific content, we encourage you to reach out directly to the speaker who is most relevant to your question via their established communication channels. Thank you.

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